Police Station Advice

In many cases, it is seen that a person doesn’t require attempting a crime to become a suspect. It can just be done when a person from any class of life/profession is arrested just because he/she is being suspected. This is a known fact that when a person is arrested or even without being arrested but is interviewed or investigated by the police, the person suffers stress and anxiety. It is really important a person should be well informed about his rights and proper way of responding to the investigation. A negative approach and misconception is run through the society all over the world that if a person attends a police station with the lawyers, he is seemed to be guilty even being innocent. Mostly, the practice being done by the people when they unfortunately get indulged in such situations is that they don’t consult any lawyer, in fact they try to respond to the investigations and questions in their own way assuming as if it would be a positive effect on the enquiry, which is not that true.

We prefer attending the police station hearings and investigations with our clients. This makes us getting the right and authentic information about the case, we get to know almost the exact reason that why our client is being interviewed and investigated, as a result of which we advise and guide our clients appropriately in accordance to the case and investigations. We guide our clients as to where he needs stay quiet and decline the investigatory questions, where a written statement would give a more positive impact. We explain the proper process and all the options to our clients, which are available and workable. This whole process needs a thorough thinking and wise decisions to tackle the case in proper required manner.

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Road Traffic and Motoring Offences

Morden solicitors LLP works with expertise for its clients to avoid any disqualification. We not only deal in cases of average drivers in fact high professionals are also under such allegations. We have succeeded in the defense of speed camera offences, allegations of driving all other such issues. There are many types of road traffic and motoring offences such as over speeding, drink driving or drink of drugs, careless driving, and using mobile whilst driving and many more are the offences.

We know that, speeding is one of the most common and popular type of the road traffic offence. Even being the most common offence, it does not enjoy less seriousness in front of any courts or legal proceedings. The courts have the prudence and as a good, fair judgment they can simply disqualify the driver of speeding. Speeding, an offence also needs to be proved by using genuine and authentic evidences and proofs. Our relevant team of experts provides the proper guidance in order to prevent the confiscation of the license of our clients.

It is also mentioned earlier that drink driving or drink of drugs is also a serious road traffic offence. These offences are prosecuted under Sections 4-7 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. The most common practice of prosecutions in such cases is based on breath/alcohol readings provided at a police station using an Intoximeter device.  The breath/alcohol limits the United Kingdom, remains at 35mg of alcohol per 100mg of breath. The experts of our Road Traffic lawyers play their professional and result oriented role for our clients to protect them from being convicted for such offence.

Using a mobile phone whilst driving and getting caught attempting this offence leads to strict prosecution, confiscation of the driving license thus getting disqualified to drive. If such is the scenario, clients need a wise and expert legal advice of a professional road traffic lawyer to prevent the troublesome conviction. We are always there to service our clients.

Like other road traffic offences, driving carelessness or without paying due attention is one of the serious offence of its own type. This is because a careless driver not only risks his life but also of others on the road, which is really unavoidable. These prosecutions are also dealt under Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. We have the experts to get you out of these prosecutions using their own professional ways of dealing with the cases.

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