Morden Solicitors LLP is the name of a team of expert lawyers that make Morden Solicitors LLP a well-known, world recognized law firm. We have the leading solicitors covering almost all sections of law in the United Kingdom. We take our clients as our pride, and our responsibility, and all the client cases simple or complex as a challenge. We have vast range knowledge and skills to support and cater our clients in every field of their business or personal lives. We have  lawyers,  experts  and providers of the best solutions to our clients. We do not believe in merely in the practical approach of applying the law in practice but we also add value to our arguments through general unchallenged common sense.

We are preferred over many firms because of our expertise of taking the clients and their cases with sensitive, personalised,  friendly, yet professional, and practical approach. We realise the relationship between a client and their lawyer; which really matters to us. We work with passion and use our legal skills to deal with our clients expectations and meet their needs.

This section covers:

The experience of our team of senior Solicitors is spread over decades, but we do not stale our knowledge and expertise by sticking to the learning before decades. Our experienced lawyers believe in a continual learning process that does not get them apart of the latest procedures and laws. Also, we believe in the spark of the young graduates and believe to support them with the prevailing expertise and experience of our senior lawyers.

Our lawyers are experienced in all type of law suites including immigration cases, asylum applications, Civil Litigation, Family Law, Criminal Suites, and Personal Injury Cases. We have enjoyed an overwhelming rate of success in all type of personal, criminal, and civil suites, but in regards to immigration and asylum cases we are second to none. We understand the nature and requirements of the different legal issues and have the capacity and knowledge to find ways for success and justice for the deprived. And, the high rate of success proved to be a loud appreciation of our efforts and building up a high-level confidence. Our senior and fresh lawyers both are capable of understanding and dealing with the matter with an eye to detail to make sure that nothing is missed or overlooked in any case that can yield success and happiness for our clients. Both our young and senior lawyers work together to offer experience, and expertise, along with the young passion and enthusiasm to uphold the successes of our clients.

Complaints Handling Procedure


We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  We are committed to high quality legal advice and client care and aim to offer all our clients an efficient and effective service.   However, if our clients would like to discuss how the service to them could be improved, the level of their bill, or should there be any aspect of our service with which they are not satisfied, we ask them to please contact the person in our firm responsible for complaints handling is Amir Khalid Mahmood] who is our firm’s Compliance officer and a Partner. He can be contacted on 0208 646 9691 and or by post to 37 London Road Morden Surrey SM4 5HT.

We are committed to high quality legal advice and client care and are keen to resolve any concerns as soon as possible and in order to do this, will follow our complaints handling procedure.

Our complaints procedure is as follows:

Step One:

If they have not already done so, we ask our clients to let us know the full nature of the problem.

Step Two:

Our Complaints Handling Representative will write to the client acknowledging their complaint within five working days.  In this letter, we shall confirm what happens next.

Step Three:

Our complaints Handling Representative shall then investigate the matter by reviewing the matter file and speaking to the member of staff concerned within five working days of acknowledging receipt of the complaint.  If, for some reason, the matter cannot be investigated in this timeframe, then we will write to the client notifying them of this together with the reason why and giving a revised timescale.

Once the investigation has been completed, our Complaints Handling Representative shall invite the client to a meeting to discuss the issue(s) they have raised and hopefully resolve the complaint.  This meeting will take place within fourteen days of sending the acknowledgement letter to the client.  Following the meeting, our Complaints Handling Representative shall write to the client within five working days of the meeting to confirm the discussion and the solution agreed upon.

If the client does not want to or is unable to attend such a meeting (or the meeting is not necessary), we will be happy to send the client a detailed, written response, including the proposed solution, within fourteen working days of sending the letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint.

Step Four:

If the client is satisfied with our response following the above steps, that will be the end of the matter.  However, if the client is not satisfied, they will be invited to contact our Complaints Handling Representative again and he will arrange for another Partner to review the decision.   He will write to the client within fourteen days of receiving the request with confirmation of the firm’s final position in relation to the complaint, outlining the reasons and any final redress that is offered.

Step Five: Other avenues

Clients must always try complaining to us first. In most cases they will not be able to take their complaint further without allowing us the opportunity to put things right.

Legal Ombudsman

We are permitted a minimum of eight weeks to consider the complaint. If for any reason we are unable to resolve the problem between us within that timeframe, then our clients are advised that they may ask the Legal Ombudsman to consider the complaint.

Clients are free to refer any complaint about our work, fees or level of service but there are some conditions and time limits.  Please be aware that any complaint to the Legal Ombudsman must usually be made within six months of the client having received a final written response from us about their complaint.   Complaints to the Legal Ombudsman must usually be made within six years of the act or omission about which the client is complaining occurring; or within three years from when the client should have known about or become aware that there were grounds for complaint.  The Legal Ombudsman will not accept complaints where the act or date of awareness was before 6 October 2010.

For further information, please contact the Legal Ombudsman on 0300 555 0333 or visit The Legal Ombudsman may be contacted at PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton WV1 9WJ.

Solicitors Regulation Authority

If someone thinks a solicitor might be dishonest or you have concerns about their ethics or integrity, they have the right to notify our regulator, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  There are no time limits for making a report but there are limits on what the SRA will consider. Please note that the SRA is not able to deal with issues of poor service (complaints of this nature should instead be referred to the Legal Ombudsman).  For further information about the SRA’s role, please contact the SRA or visit:

Further Information

For further information about our complaints handling procedures, please do not hesitate to contact Amir Khalid Mahmood] (Compliance officer / Partner) on 0208 646 9691 or or by post to 37 London Road Morden Surrey SM4 5HT. 


We have an experienced and competent team of professional lawyers with a mix of golden glorious experience and fresh young enthusiasm to beat and compete any challenge of the modern legal world. A brief introduction of our permanent team members are given as follows:

Qualified Solicitors
Amir Khalid Mahmood

He is a partner of the firm and has more than 17 years post qualification experience (PQE).

As a specialist immigration solicitor.vAmir Khalid Mahmood has successfully challenged unlawful decisions of the Home Office UKVI by way of immigration appeals, Administrative Review, Pre Action Protocol (PAP) and Judicial Review (JR).

He has exceptional litigation skills to successfully challenge the immigration decisions at all levels of immigration appeals and Judicial Reviews.

Mr Mahmood can speak following languages: English | Urdu | Punjabi | Hindi

He is supported by a team of immigration solicitors and paralegals. 

Zaheer Ahmad Hashmi

Zaheer Ahmad Hashmi is a partner and is a Solicitor. He specialises in complex family law issues involving financial settlements, cohabitation, private and public law children matters.

He has over 15 years of experience in Family, Civil Litigation, Wills & Probate and Criminal law. He is supported by a team of solicitors at our Morden and Croydon Office.

Muhammad Nawaz 

Muhammad Nawaz is partner of the firm and has supervisory role in conveyancing matter. He is a partner of the firm and has more than 17 years post qualification experience (PQE). 

He holds an LLB and MA degrees. He is specialised in residential and commercial conveyancing and is supported by solicitors and paralegals. 

Fahad Mahmood
Fahad Mahmood is a qualified Solicitor at our firm in the Immigration, Family, Conveyancing, Wills and probate and Litigation Department.
He deals with complex issues of immigration and asylum law; He has been accredited as a senior caseworker by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
He is also the Branch Manager at our office in Croydon. He has over 4 years post qualification experience (PQE). He is specialist immigration solicitor.
He deals with all type of immigration matters. He represent cases at the Firs Tier and Upper Tribunal. He completed has a LLM & LPC in Capital Market.
Shaista Ahmad Hashmi
Shaista Ahmad Hashmi is Qualified Solicitor. She is a Senior Associate at our firm. She is accredited to deal with Immigration and Asylum cases.
She specialises in Immigration Law and is accredited with Law Society to deal with Legal aid cases.
She represents cases at First Tier Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Courts.
She currently has 6 years post qualification experience (PQE). She did her Masters in legal Practice Course (LLM LPC) at a prestigious university (University of Law).
She is also currently practicing Civil Litigation specialising in Personal Injury cases. 
Mohammed Hassan Amin 
Mohammed Hassan Amin is a Qualified solicitor. He is an Associate at our firm. He is accredited to deal with Immigration and Asylum cases.
He specialises in Immigration Law and is accredited with Law Society to deal with Legal aid cases. He represents cases at First Tier Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Courts.  
He did his Masters in Legal Practice Course (LLM LPC) at prestigious University (University of Law). He is also practising family law, will & probate.
Abdul Naeem Janjua
Abdul Naeem Janjua is a partner of the firm and is a Barrister. He deals with complex issues of immigration and asylum law; He has been accredited as a senior caseworker by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
Prior to his call to Bar, he practiced as a solicitor for over 9 years. He is supported by a team of solicitors and support staff.
Abdul N Janjua has considerable expertise and experience in representing clients in judicial review claims, as well as all levels of asylum, human rights and immigration appeals.
He appears in the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the First-tier, Upper Tribunals, Magistrate courts and family courts.


Receptionist /Admin Staff

Ellie Scriven

Morden Solicitors LLP was founded in April 2006 by four partners. The firm started with immigration, conveyancing, criminal, and family cases but over time we have expanded ourselves into Personal Injury and have dealt vastly over the course of the last 15 years in Will & probate and litigation matters.  

With time, Morden Solicitors LLP has established a very good repute through out the London areas and suburbs initially, and throughout the UK.

In this quest of growth and expansion the team of Morden Solicitors LLP also expanded with time, adding new gems to the firm to expand the business of trust, sincerity and proficiency to cater a larger number of clients.

We are now an established well-known law firm not only in London but our respected fame has spread throughout the UK with respect to our sincere and honest professional services.

We are more than happy to deal with any queries and are always willing to go the extra mile for our clients.