Areas of Law


We at Morden Solicitors LLP  offer services in all the different legal areas including Civil Litigation, Family Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Road Traffic Accident, Medical Negligence cases, & Immigration cases. 


We specialise in Immigration and Asylum cases. We have a range of experience in all sort of immigration queries, from spouse settlement, to family reunion cases. 

We deal with appeals and more than happy to provide our first advice for free to those who need it.

We have accredited professionals and can provide Legal advice under legal aid for Asylum and Immigration matters.

 Personal Injury

Over the course of years our professionals have dealt with a range of personal injury and medical negligence claims.

We work on No win no fee basis.

We have a very high rate of client satisfaction and if you need any advice on whether you can make a claim, our team of Solicitors are more than happy to assist.

Family Law

We have experts in this field who deal with simple divorce application to complicated children matters. Although we do not have legal aid for Family matter, we deal with privately funded cases and client satisfaction is always the key for us.

Criminal Law

We have a vast experience in dealing with criminal cases. We do not have legal aid however our rates are reasonable and yet again our client satisfaction is high. 

Landlord and Tenancy Matters

We also deal with issues related to Landlord and Tenancy matters including any commercial leases.

We have successful dealt with a vast range of cases which have had a successful outcome. 

Civil litigation

We deal with commercial and civil litigation where there are contractual claims involved. Our specialists have the skills to ensure the best outcome is achieved for every matter.