All who use our website and take our services are abiding by the concerning Morden Solicitors LLP Terms and Conditions. Note: we reserve all the rights to amend or alter these terms without any prior notice and you are advised to view our terms time to time to keep updated.


We have designed this document for the convenience of our clients. It elaborates and explains the standard Terms and Conditions of our law firm which needs to be read in accordance to the accompanying letter issued to you by us, providing you the information that who is assigned for your case and work with you. This is also to be kept in mind that if terms mentioned in the letter differ in any scenario from those mentioned in this document, the terms mentioned in the letter would be considered on priority. Please, feel free to contact us in case of any ambiguity.

Our Approach

We aim to provide all our clients with an outstandingly efficient and result oriented service. To produce the best results, it’s really important to discuss and have an agreement regarding our relationship with you and your case.

The Way We Work

It is to ensure you that we work in accordance to the byelaws, rules and regulations and the guidelines set by The Law Society and the Financial Services Authority (FSA). We accept the instructions and work accordingly if they are covered by the bye-laws, guidelines and regulations.

Due Responsibilities of Clients

  • The due payments to us must be paid on time.
  • The information provided must be complete and based on truth. Where necessary and result oriented, our team can also approach third party (ies) for additional information and documents provided it’s approved by our client.
  • We must be kept in the picture in case of any significant changes of the circumstances.
  •  We will rely on the information and documents provided by the client, considering it complete and true and won’t normally audit/investigate them.
  • Client is supposed to provide timely and clear information when requested for the first time and again during the session.


We arrange meetings with our clients and discuss in detail the requirement of our clients. We keep our clients updated about any material developments, delays or any changes and deviations and will seek their instructions for the details and information to the extent they need to be reported. This needs to be made clear here that Morden Solicitors LLP would not be liable to any negative incident in result of a delay or failure of a client in providing us with the timely and accurate information.

Personnel Allocation and Relationship Management

  • This is to be clarified that the relationship that we have with our clients in accordance to the work is the relation between the firm and the client but not to an individual.
  • We believe as good relationship we have with our clients, as good will is the work done by us, and the results; therefore, we assign a member for this task with our clients.
  • Our foremost attempt and willingness is not to change the staff already assigned and working with our clients but if in any unavoidable scenarios, it is done, we inform our clients timely and promptly.

Provision of Services on Equality basis

Morden Solicitors LLP believes and operates on the basis of equality. We proudly mention that we do not discriminate anyone on the basis of sex, race, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, religion, age, disability, pregnancy or any other factor.

Fraud or Money Laundering

We have the obligation by the Money Laundering Regulations to get the independent evidence of the identity and address of our clients before initiating any business relationship. In order to get the evidence, we will need to see passport or photo driving license and any original utility bill issued in the last three months showing the name and private address of our client. In the case, we are dealing with any corporate client we also need to see the original certificate of incorporation and proof that our client is the shareholder or an officer with the authority to give instructions on behalf of the business

  • The provision of new rules under the Crime Act 2002, has affected almost all the solicitors. In accordance to any transaction, we carry on your behalf; we are bound to consider the source of the funds provided by you. In case, we get aware of or we suspect that you (even if not) do any kind of criminal proceeds, we can report to the National Crime Intelligence Service (NCIS). In this case, we are not bound to inform you. The proceeds of crime may include either obvious criminal activity or money deriving from tax avoidance or benefit fraud.
  • In case of any ambiguity and concerns in this regard, kindly seek professional advice.
  • We provide our clients with the best possible estimate of the fees and other expenses but it cannot be considered as the quotation or fixed cost commission because it varies with the circumstances and different steps or hearings during the course of work especially in case of litigation. Such factors are out of our control, thus you’ll be charged accordingly.
  • We charge a fair fee to our clients. Our fee may differ from one another client depending on the matter, the intensity of the case, amount of time and services that we provide to our clients. Every staff member has hourly charges, which basically formulates the fee structure.
  • We don’t charge our clients for regular faxes, photocopies and postage etc. but in case of color and bulk photocopies, international postage, faxes, telephonic and video conferencing, we charge accordingly.

Estimates & Fee Charges

Payment Procedures

Payments are charged in advance or at presentations are due. We also charge our clients with anticipated costs but in case they are not utilized as estimated then either they are returned to our clients or adjusted as fee.

We may also incorporate a monthly payment plan for long-term consultation and legal services provisions for corporate clients.

Communicating with Our Clients

Our general practice of communication with our clients is via emails, weather it is about the general case information, data or documents. In this way the leakage of confidential information or documents to any third party can be prohibited. We claim that we work for our clients and provide them with convenient services, so if email is not a suitable option for you, please feel free to guide us.

Withholding & Maintenance of Wills, Deeds and other Important Documents

Morden Solicitors LLP also provides the services of storing and maintaining the Wills, Deeds, and other documents of our clients to keep them safe and secure. We don’t charge our clients for these services, but if any payments are due by the clients then we have the rights to reserve the documents with us. We only charge in case of any extra time consumption or services in order to present or maintain the documents.


The copyrights regarding any documents or data provided to our clients in lieu of their case rest with Morden Solicitors LLP. Clients shall be eligible to use those documents exclusively for the sole purpose they were provided for.

Termination of Services

  • Our clients have full rights to terminate our services in case of dissatisfaction or any reason by bringing it into black and white and delivering it to us either via email or post.
  • In case there is any unacceptable delay of providing us with the information or data, or any change in the information as per certain circumstances on which our agreement was made, Morden Solicitors LLP can also terminate the services.
  • We shall be entitled to charge the fee, the cost and any other charges to our clients until the agreement is cancelled and also the clients will be liable to pay any expenses maybe utilized in handing over their case to any other Firm.

Data Security

We assure our clients about the protection and security of their data. We use the information and data provided by our clients solely for the provision of our services and handling their cases. We keep the data very discreetly that chances of its leakage are equivalent to nil. In some cases, data needs to be exposed to third parties in order to bring up the positive results, in such cases we inform and take the client’s consent.