Family Law

Morden Solicitors LLP proudly and confidently claims of being one of the most experienced and successful law firms in handling almost all sorts of family cases. Whether it’s about separation, divorce, a child’s custody dispute, inheritance and civil partnership or more. We know that in family disputes, like separation, divorce, child custody or any such scenario a person needs a wise bold and best legal advice. Family disputes and the verdict of such law cases determine the future of an individual or a family.

Morden solicitors LLP like other branches of law is very successful in handling family law cases as well. Our solicitors are not only professionals, but also experts, experienced and highly qualified and compassionate in their jobs. We strive for the best results for our clients. 

We have Mr. Zaheer Ahmad Hashmi (“Zaheer Hashmi”), a Partner/solicitor having more than 15 years (PQE) experience, in this Firm, with a team of associates and assistant solicitors, Shaista Hashmi, Fahad Mahmood, and Muhammad Hassan Amin. Our, Assistant Solicitors, help clients where they need advice and assistance with the range of Family Law and Probate work that we undertake in this Office.

Our aim is to look after your interests in a sympathetic manner and to help achieve your aims by adopting a conciliatory approach with all the parties involved. Mr. Zaheer Hashmi is trained as a Family solicitor, has a wealth of experience over 15 years and this influences the way that he and his team approaches family law issues.

Our Charges

We are obliged to give you the best information we can about the cost for your case.  It is not always possible for us to precisely identify the cost because it depends at what stage the case is concluded. However, we try to be transparent with you from the onset.

Our private funded rates and type of fee arrangement are narrated below.

Hourly Rate

One way for you to pay your fee is to pay for the time spent carrying our your work or receiving legal advice. Our team have a varied hourly rate based on their experience and area of law they practice in.

Mr. Zaheer Hashmi and his team do not undertake Legal Aid/Public Funding work for Family Clients and their charges vary as our fees are based on guidance given by the Law Society hourly rates and the time that is spent on the work. Mr. Abdul Naeem Janjua £350 per hours plus VAT (Barrister/counsel) Mr. Hashmi’s hourly rate £350.00 plus VAT: Shaista Hashmi & Fahad Mahmood’s hourly rate is £250.00.00 plus VAT. Whereas Mr. Mohammad Amin Hassan rate is £200.00 plus VAT per hour. Any Paralegal or Assistant caseworker will charge at £125.00 plus VAT per hour.

Our charges apply to all the work done on your case including time spent on preparing instructions, the telephone, reading the incoming post, dictating outgoing letters, preparing file notes of meetings, considering and drafting documents, preparing briefs for barristers, researching law where necessary, attending meetings with barristers, attending at Court, meetings with you, meetings with the lawyers acting for the other person in your case or other people connected with the case, taking instructions for statements and drafting a statement of witnesses and so on.

As well as the charges made by this firm, incidental expenses such as the fees of any barristers or experts and Court fees will be added to the bill.

Fixed Fee For Family Advice / Consultation

For the new matters, our specialist team in Morden and Croydon can also provide you with a one-off initial consultation and provide family advice. You can book an appointment for a detailed consultation session concerning your family matter for a fixed fee ranging from:

£75 to £175 (VAT included, ) for up to 30 minutes session; and

£100 to £300 (VAT included, for up to 60 minutes session.

Some of our work attracts certain fees:

  1. if we act for you where the divorce/dissolution is uncontested and you are the Applicant, we expect our charge to be £800.00 plus VAT plus the Court fee, fixed by the Government
  2. in some cases, you and the other party in proceedings may have reached an agreement (where we have not acted for you in reaching that agreement) and you want us to help with getting that made into a Court Order, our charges will be between £1250.00 and £3000.00 plus VAT plus the Court Fee fixed by Government according to the Court Fee schedule.  
  3. There will also be an additional disbursement fee of a Barrister/counsel should attendance at a court is required. The fees of each barrister varies based on experience and year of call. You will be provided a CV and profile of each barrister and you can choose which barrister is instructed. They cost of instructing the barrister will be relayed to you once a quote has been received.