Separation like divorce is only attainable either you are married or in civil partnership. Unlike divorce, there is no need to produce evidences of a broken relationship in the courts. It is undoubtedly another stressful and devastating decision to take and practical implement. When a couple decides to depart, it means there has been a series of unpleasant occurring or reasons.

Morden Solicitors LLP offers its services to the couples or individuals seeking for separation. An individual definitely needs a proper legal guidance and documentation to file his/her separation. Our experienced and highly qualified family lawyers provide our clients with proper, result oriented guidance and explain them all the available options and scenarios. Our solicitors help our clients choose the comparatively easiest and most workable option. We help in preparing and gathering all required documents and evidences to get the positive response from the legal authorities.

This is also to be kept in view that separation is granted to those couples that have not completed one year of their civil partnership. According to English Family Law, separation is very much unlike dissolution and divorce. Our experts provide the guidance as to what extent an individual can avail the advantages out of the separation and vice versa. As quoted earlier, separation does not give a right to an individual to get involved in another civil partnership or marriage. The Morden Solicitor’s team ensures that our client is not betrayed by the other participant and he/she has been given all due rights. Our experts examine the case thoroughly and then operate accordingly, as to which type of separation shall take place. There are four types of separations practiced in law, and those are stated as follows:

  • Trial Separation this is a type of separation that is not recognized legally but couple decides to live separately, under one roof. In this scenario, all the properties or the debts, the couple shares both equally. Our solicitors explain all the details to our client in order to avoid any unjust division of rights or responsibilities.
  • Living Apart this is the next step of trial separation in which a couple decides to live separately in separate residences. In this scenario, our professional assist our clients in the selection of the right state in which the assets possessed by him/her will be considered his/her own separate property, which indeed is a positive result.
  • Permanent Separation this is the stage when the couple decides never to reconcile and the properties and assists are considered to be separate other than those of necessities. This is a point where a proper legal advice and handling is required and we are here to provide.
  • Legal Separation beyond all the stages, legal separation is when the court issues a legal judgment. Our experienced lawyers prepare the case to get the best outcomes for our clients. We work for our clients to get them all their rights regarding child custody, support payments and visitation rights.