Child Custody

It is a universally known fact that whatever disputes a couple (i.e. married or non married) undergoes both the parents are concerned about their children, their upbringing, their needs, custody and everything concerning to them. Morden Solicitors LLP serves as one of the best and leading family disputes and family law agents. We are equally concerned for a child’s secure future, his/her residence, financial support and most importantly child’s mental stress. We are here to serve the said purpose. We go beyond the expectations of the parents in order to support and secure a child and his future.

Our expert lawyers help a couple to ensure their family operates in a bright, successful way. We explain and guide our clients in the best way to handle a few issues or court orders in a result-oriented manner. The court orders, which are mainly related to a child’s custody, are stated as follows:

  • Residence Orders:

Court determines that where a child is supposed to reside.

  • Contact Orders:

This refers to legal permission for either of the parents to call or meet the child.

  • Prohibited Steps Orders

These orders are to prevent something to happen which is supposed not to be positive for a child.

  • Specific Issues Orders

These orders are to determine a few directions for a child as which religion to be followed by him, change of name the particular school to be attended by him and other relevant things.

  • Partner Responsibilities

These orders determine the child’s rights, parental responsibilities and duties. It is mostly practiced that a mother gets the parental responsibilities as compared to fathers. (In this case, it’s necessary to have the father’s name on child’s birth certificate and if the parents were married or unmarried at the time of his/her birth).

  • International Relocations

Legally a parent is not allowed to take the child abroad without having the permission/ consent of all holders of parented responsibility or with the permission of the court. It is majorly accused when either of the parents gets involved with someone in other court and wants to keep the child with them.