Wills, Trusts and Tax

We advise our clients about their Wills so that they can decide about their division of their property and possessions after their death. We work for the protection and safety of the properties and assets of our clients by guiding them properly to tailor their Wills. You can nominate the beneficiaries of your assets and the receivers of your estate after your death through your Will.

Our team encourages our clients to make their Wills so that their assets and possessions do not get disturbed in accordance to the law relating to intestacy.

There are many good reasons to make a Will, few of which are stated under:

  • The first most important and advantageous reason is that, it is you making a decision about your assets that how should they be shared and distributed after your demise.
  • Your spouse, your kids and relatives are to be beneficiated with your assets and that you can do the best.
  • Another important factor is that you are ensured that how much Inheritance tax you are payable off and do not pay more than that.

Our experts of this field guide you the right and appropriate pattern keeping in view all the legal formalities which need to be followed by you and hence we help you validate your Will.

When writing a Will you need to have a proper legal assistance and here with you, are the Morden Solicitors LLP. We make sure that all important, and to some extent necessary points, which might be left unconsidered by you, are covered in your ‘Will’ because it is one of the most important document that a person drafts or gets drafted in his life for the people he leaves behind him. A few important points are:

  • Determination of the beneficiaries of your possessions with your consent.
  • Total amount of money, possessions, properties in all the calculation of all your assets to be passed on.
  • Very important thing is, if you leave any child or children under 18 behind you, who is to be nominated as caretaker?
  • The executive/executives to be named by you in your Will who’ll be made responsible to take care of your state and carry on in accordance to your Will.
  • A good will gesture can also be shown by you even when you won’t be alive by naming and donating some gift to any charity or trust of your choice after benefitting all your family and relatives.

Other than writing a Will with all legal formalities, the experienced and well qualified lawyers of Morden Solicitors LLP also guide and advise our clients that how can they be affected by Inheritance Tax.

We know that just drafting and executing a Will is not enough. In fact, we also own the responsibility of keeping the Will safe and informing the executor and your relatives about it. Our relevant team also keeps your Will reviewed and updated in accordance to any changes in your life, which is very necessary to keep an account of. We advise our clients that whether drafting a new Will is a requirement or codicil would be enough to your Will and assist you accordingly.

As we claim, we in actual outdo for our clients. We also work to windup all ongoing affairs after the demise of executants according to the terms and conditions decided by him in his Will or according to the Rules of Intestacy if there are no Will left behind by the deceased. We play an unnoticed role in assisting the executor of the Will i.e. collection of assets, paying off debts and taxes and distribution of the remaining assets as per the Will or the intestacy rules.

Morden Solicitors LLP has a team of efficient, sensitive and challenging lawyers and work extravagantly for our clients. Our lawyers also deal with cases for our clients who are exclude from the Wills for no obvious reasons or if there emerge any issues and conflicts regarding the distribution of assets.

Just a call away is the solution to your issue.