Domestic Violence

This is another sort of violence and unjust activity. As referred to the name, Domestic violence has several doors to target a family. It has different forms, which are almost equally harmful and terrifying. It can be emotional, psychological, physical, sexual and even financial. The domestic violence can be permanent and regular or it can be in intervals but every time resulting in damage to the person suffering it. Domestic violence is nothing less than a criminal act. Without any prejudice of a male or female, anyone can be the victim of the domestic violence i.e. a man, a woman, children and the senior citizens. Any act of a person that can harm a person who is related to him/her is known to be domestic violence.

The most alarming thing in such cases is that a sufferer keeps it a secret and hides from other people, family members, police and lawyers. The first and foremost remedy to this violence is that a person must share it with any one who is sincere and concerned for him/her. This is seen that discussing a problem with someone who is fair gives you an exposure and options to fight the issue. The options, which can be worked upon, are as under:

  • Firstly, you should try to stop and prevent the violent behavior of the abuser.
  • If you’re suffering the violence you should depart from the house on temporary or permanent basis depending on the outcome of this step.
  • If leaving the house isn’t possible or workable option for you then try to make other person leave.
  • In any case, police is available to protect you from any in-house or external danger and harm.
  • The best solution to this problem is to take a legal action against that person in order to get rid of the issue permanently.

We have a team of expert and specialist lawyers of family law, who works for our clients against domestic violence. Legal and professional advice in most cases has been proved to be the key to solution. Our team gets the injury marks (if any) recorded to keep and use them as effective evidences when required. Our team works under Family Law Act and any other laws related to this. We get our clients thoroughly checked by the doctors to get any medical reports as evidences in regards of physical, physiological or sexual violence to be reproduced in court or hearings when required.

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