Parental Responsibility

Morden Solicitors LLP has a team of well-experienced family lawyers. Like other fields of family law we also deal with cases regarding parental responsibility.  As referred by the name, parents have some legal rights and responsibilities towards their children, either born by them or adapted. Generally, mothers get the parental responsibility automatically when a child is born but most fathers also do have the parental responsibility. Providing a home for a child and his maintenance and protection are the most important roles, which a parent or both the parents need to play who have parental responsibility.

We work for our clients with concern, sensitivity and sincerity. We tackle the cases regarding parental responsibility in a challenging manner. We advise our clients as to what is the best in the interest of him and the child. We pass the legal and workable options to our clients for the issues and cases regarding parental responsibility. We guide our clients that if they don’t have the parental responsibility, they are not supposed to contact their children but they have the full rights to be kept updated regarding their upbringing, maintenance and well-being by the other parent who is bound to do so.

Our team keeps assisting our clients in terms of their emotional and legal guidance and practical implementation as well. We advise you that whatever is included in parental responsibility in the eyes of law and court i.e. discipline and educating a child, his medical treatment, naming or agreeing to any changes in his name, taking care of the child’s property. It is also advised that child’s financial support is also a mandatory responsibility of both the parents no matter who has the legal parental responsibility and who doesn’t.

We know that it is easier for a mother to get parental responsibility but we believe in challenges and service our clients who are willing to get parental responsibility as fathers. We guide them about their legal eligibility for said target i.e. a father can have parental responsibility if he is married to child’s mother or if his name is listed on the child’s birth certificate which after a certain date depends on that where was the child born in UK.

We advise our clients that how they can apply for the parental responsibility. We work for with all types of parental responsibility cases. We guide our clients that if the child was born by a couple who got married or if they jointly adopted a child, the parental responsibility lies with both no matter if they even get divorced after a certain time.
Our experts guide and assist in all three options available for an unmarried father willing to get the parental responsibility. We pay him legal advice that either he jointly registers the birth of a child with his mother, he gets the parent responsibility agreement with the mother of that child or he gets a parental responsibility order from the court. We assist our client in whatever option he finds better and consents to go with.

Morden Solicitors LLP also works for a child’s parental responsibility, which is born outside the UK and comes to live here and this depends on the state where the couple resides.

Births registered outside the UK. We also assist the civil partners regarding their concern for parental responsibility. Like a married parental couple, the parental responsibility lies with both the partners. Our extensively qualified and intellectual lawyers also guide the parental responsibility to same sex parents but non-civil partners. We guide and help the second parent to get the parental responsibility by applying for it legally.

We guide our clients and help them in accordance to law for every minute step and point if incase they are going to sign any parental responsibility agreement with the mother. We also help our clients by taking them to local family proceedings court, or county court, or the Principal Registry of the Family Division as per the requirement of the case.