Landlord and Tenant Disputes

One of the most common disputes in personal litigation matters is between landlord and tenant. Our solicitors are expert in tenancy issues and can provide very fruitful advice to either landlord or tenant, who is the grieve party. Even the laws of possession and tenancy also hold confusions for the laypersons that might result in the mishandling of the case or unlawful deprivation of either the parties. Keeping this in mind, it is important for the grieved party to consult some smart and astute professional lawyers like Morden Solicitors LLP for advice to avoid any discrepancies or damages.

There was a time when landlords were at upper hand when renting their properties but the scenarios are entirely changed with the modifications in the law and more emphasis over the possession. Therefore it has become extremely important to adequately word your tenancy agreement, for both landlord and the tenant but especially for the landlord. Our experienced lawyers help in such issues in both prior and later scenarios of the dispute as they help their clients to draft an adequate tenancy that protects both the rights of tenants and landlords and even after if an issue arises. We deal with all the different types of landlord and tenant disputes including any notices, assured and assured shorthold tenancy agreements, possession issues, damage to the property, non payment of rentals, residential lease issues and any other issues involved. Morden solicitors LLP are experts in advising landlords as well as tenants on any dispute proceedings including any issues or disputes to fight for their right. If you are faced with any of these issues or are at risk of facing such issues, then do not hesitate to contact us, we are just a call away or post your query through online form or email and we will get back to you with the best solution.