Cohabitation is referred to the couple living together for a short or long term without getting married. The couple that is cohabiting doesn’t bother about the fact that there’s no legal protection or rights for them if at any point of time they decide to breakup contrary to those who are either married or living under civil partnership.

To overcome any flaws and negative impact of this, the government of UK has introduced to us the cohabitation agreement. This is to ensure the protection and future security for both of the individuals. First of all a cohabiting couple needs to take few under stated steps for their future security:

  • ·         The residential villa should be jointly and equally owned or rented.
  • ·         A Cohabitation Agreement should be signed.
  • ·         A will should be written.

Cohabitation agreements are signed to formalize the rights and responsibilities of both of the participants relevant to household. The agreements are useful to handle several issues regarding property, bank accounts and finance and bill payments. Morden Solicitors LLP has a extraordinarily professional and experienced team of Family Law Solicitors who guide and advice our clients to the best of their interest and positive outcomes. Our lawyers work with sincerity for our clients and advise them about tax and succession plans as well.

Our specialist lawyers are well aware about the importance and power of the cohabitation agreement and they work accordingly. It is really important to formulate such a proper cohabitation agreement, which covers all the important, major, and minor household related issues so that the agreement serves the purpose as required. It is also a fact, if both the participants sign this agreement; it is no more considered less than a contract provided if it abides by the necessary requirements of the contract law and this is where our solicitors putting their best and succeed in getting our clients the best. This shows that when a proper cohabitation agreement is drafted and signed by both signatories, they become legally bound to fulfill their commitments and obligations of the agreement. The experts of our firm ensure the positive and proper outcome of the agreement practically.

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