Our talented and experienced family law solicitors very wisely and sympathetically pull along with our clients who are undergoing a difficult process of separation or divorce. We all know that a breakup in any relationship is almost a disaster that gives a great distress, anxiety and moments of difficulties and unhappiness. Our experts keeping all this in mind prove to be as sensitive and sympathetic lawyers towards their clients, as professional and experienced they are.

This is a fact that in orders to obtain a divorce, an individual has to demonstrate the court very tactfully that the marriage cannot last for long and whatever are the reasons which has therefore; brought the marriage an end finally.

According to the rules of law, if an individual or a couple is facing any of the five major factors/issues stated as under, a divorce could be planned, filed and obtained:

  • A client has been left behind or deserted by the spouse for at least last 2 years.
  • A couple has been living apart from each other for at least 2 years and either spouse consents for divorce.
  • A couple has been living apart from each other for at last 5 years and in this scenario a person doesn’t require to have spouse’s consent or willingness for divorce.
  • Getting a divorce gets simple and easier for a person if his/her spouse has intentionally or unintentionally committed adultery and it has come into the divorce seeker’s knowledge.
  • Another reason or fact that makes the divorce easier is when either spouse commits such an obnoxious or awful action, which isn’t reasonable to be accepted or forgiven in order to keep the relationship going.

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