Civil Partnership

The civil partnership was introduced in 2005 in the United Kingdom. It is a legal relationship for same sex couples almost equivalent to that of marriage. For these agreements, individuals should be minimum of 16 years of age and parental consent is required for under-18 couples. These relationships end with death, dissolution or a legal; court based breakup procedure like divorce.

It proved to be an important legal and social milestone. It is a remarkable law for the couples willing to make life long commitments with each other. It has provided a legal platform for the gays and lesbian families. Like other advantages of this law for the lesbian and gays families, it has a huge and positive impact on the society because it has helped in eliminating the discrimination and prejudice against the said community. We have a team of expert and focused solicitors to service our clients to safeguard their rights and social entity. Our team helps the clients upon making their civil partnership agreements or else if by any reason they decide to move on.

This is also mentioned before that specialist lawyers help and guide our clients not only if they want to make or break an agreement but also assist and advice regarding required or due financial arrangements. We also provide successful solutions to the couples if they are facing any issues regarding children.

A team is said to be professional, intelligent and experienced if its members have a vast, but every-minute knowledge about the case, its scenarios and even about the clients. Knowing the caliber and nature of a client is also very important because everyone has different situations and circumstances and everyone has his/her own way of tackling it. We are experts in tailoring our working phenomena and our approaches in order to mach our client’s aptitude to handle each case individually and professionally. Our experts search and work on all different available and possible options to bring out positive results. The options may vary from conciliation and negotiation with the solicitor, litigation or any combination of the available options. Our foremost aim is to get our client his desired results.

Morden Solicitors LLP is a legal firm of such professional and expert lawyers, who aim beyond skies. We believe in fairness, tolerance, justice and evenhandedness. We are an upright team and work with pride because we have been and always will play a leading and remarkable role in the field of law and justice by ensuring it for all without any discrimination in terms of class, people, nature or other individualities. We believe in individuality and entity of everyone. We have a vast and positive experience of serving our gay and lesbian clients. We provide them expert and legal advice on relationships and parenting. We work for their equality rights in employment and other legal and social issues.

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