Prenuptial Agreements

Morden Solicitors LLP family law team is experiencing and realizing an increase in the demand and need of prenuptial agreements. Prenuptial agreements are made before a couple gets married or indulges into civil partnership. The purpose of these agreements is to safe the assets before getting into any legal commitments, as no one can predict what time is going to bring. These agreements define and explain that how the assets shall be treated if at any point of time couple decides to separate their ways.

We are experienced and understand the importance and requirement of prenuptial agreement if our client is planning to get into civil partnership or marriage. We assist you in getting an appropriate prenuptial or pre civil partnership agreement with the other party in order to determine the financial terms and conditions and protect your assets if you breakup or separate from your partner or spouse.  Our lawyers consider financial, tax and succession planning as well while working on these agreements with our clients.

The family law experts of Morden Solicitors LLP use and employ the collaborative law methods while negotiating prenuptial, post nuptial, pre civil partnership and cohabitation agreements because its requirement and use has increased with time.

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