Child Maintenance

We are highly concerned and sensitive towards child support. A family dispute in anyway must not affect a child’s psychological, upbringing and physical state. The Child Support Agency (CSA) usually deals Child maintenance, if it’s not being dealt with any agreement or mutual understanding between divorcing couples. With the passage of time, the changes are being made in child support scenario in order to enhance more positive effects on a child’s life. Currently, a few more changes have been brought in this law as a result of which a new body has also been formed which is named as the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission (CMEC) and this department is now taking over the CSA’s role.

It is being foreseen that the existing child support agency schemes will close by 2014. The normal formula is that child support is calculated upon a percentage of the non-resident parent’s net income. This is basically due to the change that might occur so that it’s based on the gross income. Morden Solicitors LLP supports the parents by using the new law that encourages parents to enter into private maintenance agreements with each other.